Here at PROVA, we want to change the traditional idea of what a scene study class can be. Today, there's too much focus on the individual scene; consequently, actors can lose focus (or not place enough focus) on character arc, analysis of the full play, and personal development. 

We train actors to walk into any room, with any script, and be as informed, "jump-on-your-feet," and ready-to-go as possible. 

Each student will get to pick a character that excites them, and work on THREE scenes- something from the beginning, middle, and end of the same play in a six week class. 

We will analyze and work moment-to-moment, connecting all three scenes together in order to look at the play and character as a whole. At PROVA your individual journey is the most important thing. There is no specific technique used; it's about looking at the performer as who they are in the moment and what they personally need to succeed while becoming specific, braver, and surer actors. 

THURSDAYS 6:30-10pm



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*10 students max