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founder of PROVA

As a trained actor-turned-coach/director, I have seen many performers in the early stages of their career feel rundown by the day-to-day of being an actor. I have met many artists who are unsure of how to maintain their previous training, or who feel that the technique they studied no longer applies to their current artistic work. On top of it all, they are exhausted and unhappy in their day jobs. This situation has left many of my colleagues and friends, including myself, feeling stuck and uninspired. 

I realized we needed to find a new way of continuing practice, of training. We needed a program that prepares its students for the reality of todays acting climate: today, there are less paid jobs and far more competition. I don't say this to make this career feel impossible; I say it to start the conversation of what needs to change. I firmly and radically believe that this must approached within our training. 

PROVA wants to inspire agency in the lives and careers of its participants. We have created a safe yet challenging space for an actor to delve into their individuality, to discover their needs as a performer-- instead of training in one pre-determined technique. Students then get the chance to apply this training in performance, and begin to build their personal plans for sustainable, invigorating, and balanced lifestyles. 

In your time at PROVA, we will help you strengthen and develop your understanding of: 


- what you want out of being a part of the arts community


- how to enter any rehearsal room confidently, in process, and with strong communicative and analytical skills


- how to find a balance between working a day job and auditioning, and what it means to make the right choices for both you as a person and you in your career

"Our goal is to make you stronger, braver, and surer of who you are as an artist. Get inspired and fight for the stories you're telling."
Sharone Halevy

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