1 x 3
scrip analysis/scene study

This is PROVA’s version of a scene study class, with a focus on how to read and analyze a play. Every student works on only one character throughout the class, putting up three scenes from the same play (something early, something towards the middle, and something from the end). This allows the actor to practice looking at the play as a whole, and applying that knowledge in rehearsal. 


Inspired by the Ball’s Backwards and Forwards, we do not train in any one technique (i.e Meisner, Practical Aesthetics, Adler, Stanislavski, etc.) Rather, we work on the one thing everyone has in common: the script. During class, we exploring how each piece works from an in-depth, analytical point of view. Once we're "up on our feet," the teacher can focus more on each student as an individual, coaching them to identify their own quirks and flaws. This gives students an understanding of how they work as an actor, making it easier to step into any rehearsal room, with any actor or director.




putting training into practice 

A major part of training at PROVA is figuring out how to apply what you're working on in classes to your real-life rehearsal experiences. Alongside 1x3 and Movement, you will constantly be working on a full length play(s) that culminates in a run of performances for the public. 


This is important because it helps to develop your sense of how to stay active and in-process while working in a professional setting. 


This opportunity is only included in the SUNDAY and ONE MONTH CONSERVATORY classes. 




how to connect the whole

 MOVEMENT: While training at PROVA, you will be exposed to multiple forms of theatre movement including (but not limited to) elements of: the Lloyd

 Williamson Technique, the Andrei Droznin Method, Viewpoints, Laban, ballet and contemporary dance, contact improv, and acrobalance partnering.  

The objectives of this course are:

-to strengthen your capacity to respond and act upon physical impulse
-to explore how the body participates in visual storytelling of a theatrical moment
-to increase the range of motion available to your body
-in pursuit of PROVA's mission, to provide affordable solutions for staying fit and healthy (fun fact: you don't need an expensive gym membership!)  


As with your acting training, we want to introduce you to as much as possible so that you can decide what does and does not work for your body. Our primary goal is for you to become strong and present in your instrument.


how do we live sustainable lives? 

A major part of PROVA is ensuring that our actors have a financially sustainable, happy lifestyle outside of the industry. We help students tap into their individual skillsets to find viable day-jobs that they actually enjoy. Too many performers are unhappy with their work outside of the industry... but with a 90% unemployment rate within the professional community, the 'day job' is unavoidable. 


Working together, we'll help you with your job hunt. We believe that everyone can find an exciting, fulfilling side-job while building a career as a performer. 

Other classes we hope to offer:


entrepreneurship (how to build a business)


marketing for the actor




budgeting/artists taxes