Sunday students meet from 10am to 7pm, for 10 weeks. Wake up with a movement class designed to open your body to impulse. Then, delve into PROVA's unique 1x3 scene study course; here students recieve individualized attention from faculty, preparing you for your full-lenth play rehearsals. In the afternoons, we switch over to a professional rehearsal room enviroment, working on a full script, allowing you to synthesize your training from the morning. 


In this 10 week course, you will get to begin the journey of understanding your personal process. With teachers who act more like coaches, and an intimate class size, you will grow into the strong, specific actor you hope to be. 

10:00-11:30 Movement 


11:30-2:30 1 x 3


2:30-3:30 Lunch


3:30-7:00 Rehearsal for Full Length 




We just completed our second round of Sunday classes, finishing our journey with a lovely presentation of Sarah Ruhl's Dead Man's Cell Phone. 


SUNDAYS 10am-7pm



We don't always have an insane amount of time to give to our selves. But, one day a week to foregt about the world and LIVE in your craft is pretty easy to balance with your work week. Sure, Netflix and Chilln is awesome, but why not do the thing you're already devoting 8 hours a day to watching others do for yourself? 


The cost breakdown: 

only $68 per day for TRHEE classes, an 8 hour day of working on your craft! 

only $22 per class in a day. 

$8.50 per hour (less than a happy hour cocktail!) 

early bird special

sign up by August 15th

and only pay $645

*10 students max