"Sharone is an expressive, empowering teacher, with a unique gift for cultivating joy in the rehearsal room and in performance. Her combination of rigorous discipline and transparent delight both anchors and frees the actor. This actor has definitely become more present and powerful because of the training that Sharone-as-Prova provides!"

-Michaela Morton

Oh my God... this woman is a genius and WILL make you an improved actor. Everyone needs to know this school exists.
-Jason Ballew

"Early in the process of PROVA's development, I had the opportunity to audit a class and watch Sharone and her students in action. As soon as I entered the room, it became clear to me that that they really trusted one another, and trusted Sharone as their leader; to help them understand where they were in their own artistic journey and how to move forward.

The approach was refreshing, particularly the idea of putting the scene in context of the world of the play. The students were able to understand the entirety of the piece they were studying and connect the dots in a way that felt logical and complete. I'm excited to see how this program continues to grow. Already students feel more confident and secure, and PROVA is there to provide all the tools they need in order to thrive in the creative world."

-Jason Gotay

"Sharone is the ultimate "Yes and—" teacher/director. She's positive and insightful, gentle and encouraging with an extensive knowledge of the craft. As an actor, it's an immense gift to have such a supportive, honest collaborator. She approaches actors with radical empathy and care to create solid, enriching work. I consider myself lucky to have worked with her on several occasions, and even luckier to know her."


- Jessie Mahon

"Sharone Halevy *listens* and that alone sets her apart from most acting teachers; she pays attention to the minutae in a moment that most performers would blow past in a rush to get to the next "big moment". That willingness to be patient and meticulous in service of bringing a human being to life off the page was incredibly helpful to me and has stuck with me in my work since I took her class. Because what Sharone teaches actors is how to intelligently fill the framework of a text with a radical, brave empathy— something no actor can be without."

-Fernando Gonzalez

"Sharone Halevy has engaged in the theatrical creative process to just about every capacity imaginable, and PROVA is the lovechild of those many experiences. PROVA is the kind of creative home that all actors crave: a place that that ignites their sense of wonder and nurtures their sense of self."

-Ryan Ward

"Sharone, quite simply, brings out the best in her students, constantly urging them to work harder, dig deeper, and inhabit characters more fully. With a keen director's eye for storytelling, she helps each actor better understand their own process and their place within the play or scene as a whole. She creates a room full of creative, supportive energy and her intensity and passion for the work is infectious. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely learn from her!"

-Jenna Krasowski

"The program Sharone Halevy has created with Prova is one that is unparalleled. Her knowledge as an actor allows her to communicate with students with ease and empathy. She seamlessly assumes the role of teacher, mentor, and friend simultaneously. Thus creating a rich, vibrant, and open space in which to hone one's craft. Your craft is looked at through the light of working on material; the applicability of it all. By studying different scenes from the same play, but also working on an entire work, you figure out how to utilize the tools that are inherent in a script to better, and more fully, inhabit a character. And in my case, how to better inhabit my artistic self."

-John Calabrese 

"Every day in class is a creative playroom and Sharone's teaching and spirit made me excited and ravenous to step into the world of a play, undoubtedly with my whole self. She is one of the most hard working teachers I have worked with and will stop at nothing to guide her students with every and any resource she possibly can."

-Julia Schonberg

“Sharone’s love and passion of both the process and the performance of theatre are absolutely infectious, and to work with someone so invested both in you and your work is a rare gift.”


— James Miller